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201: When is it the Right Time to Marry eLearning and Video?

By Dan Keckan published August 28, 2012

When is it the right time to marry eLearning and video? We get this question all the time from clients. As technology has advanced and internet bandwidth has increased, training professionals are eager to enhance their offerings with more engaging, multimedia rich content.

So when is the right time to use video in your eLearning projects?  Simply put, when you want your audience to learn a particular behavior, otherwise known as behavioral modeling.  And, when you use it in an eLearning course it can be quite effective.

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By Dan Keckan published

Are you a training department of one?  Have you created training that fell short of the client’s expectations?  Are you often going outside the scope or over budget? Here are 5 questions to ask a prospective client in one of your company’s line of business when they come to you with the desire for a custom eLearning course.  Hopefully these time-savers will keep you on track to success! Continue reading

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By Dan Keckan published

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are vital to the success of any learning experience. SMEs provide a keen sense of the way employees work and the knowledge and skills employees must have in order to do the work.

It is the responsibility of the Instructional Designer (ID) to provide the information in a format that promotes learning and retention. It is the responsibility of the SME to ensure the message is clear and correct.  The challenge comes in keeping the SME within the boundaries of the budget and timeline.

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