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Past Conference: Learning Solutions 2015


Learning Solutions 2015: The Convergence of Technology & Training

eLearning and Video

Session: 606 – How to Change Learners’ Behaviors Using Video in eLearning

Presented By: Dan Keckan, Vice President, eLearning and Instructional Design, Cinecraft Productions

Date and Time:  2:30 PM – 3:30 PM Thursday, March 26

Many learning professionals have likely participated in the production of a training video and probably even been a part of the design and development of an eLearning course, however many may have not been a part of a solution using both video and eLearning that changes behavior leading to measurable results.

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Save the Learners! Build an Open and Shut Serious Game Strategy

By Dan Keckan published March 11, 2016

(This article was published in the March, 2016 issue of Training Industry Magazine.)

Have you ever sat in front of an eLearning course that you spent 200-250 hours designing and developing and thought learners are going to love this course? They are going to love it so much, they will be motivated to take it. They are going to stick with it till the end and feel compelled to take it again as the Flow Theory suggests! If your answer is yes, then you have probably already incorporated a successful serious game strategy. If your answer is no then keep reading.

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