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By Chris Karel published May 23, 2017

Making a Business Video? 10 Answers to 10 Questions

The purpose of this post is to provide you with links to 10 separate blog posts that answer 10 specific questions about making professional video. If you are a CRAFT subscriber, consider this an index to the past 10 weeks.


Ever since I made my first video in high school, I’ve been teaching people about video production. I love teaching and I love video. So, it has been Continue reading

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By Chris Karel published May 16, 2017

What do you mean a JPEG of my logo won’t work? 

If you are a marketing manager, training professional, or business owner and you need to make a video, then “The CRAFT: Video Production Blog” is for you. The purpose of this post is to explain the difference between vector and raster graphics and give you pro-tips for using both types in a video production. So, please comment and let me know your experience. Continue reading

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8 Authentic Tips for New eLearning Professionals

By Meagan Lawton published May 10, 2017

When I started working at Cinécraft, I was totally new to eLearning. I had no experience writing courses or using eLearning-specific development tools. However, I had a background in multimedia and writing, and a strong desire to learn, so I knew I could be successful. Now, a year later, I can build courses with both Storyline and Captivate, and I’m thriving as an instructional designer. Continue reading

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By Neil McCormick published May 2, 2017


Storytelling is NOT rocket science, but telling a story with a purpose IS a form of brain surgery.  You need to get inside the target audience’s brain, leave a lasting impression, and change behaviors.  Story can do that.

Now how do you get inside your audience’s heads and change their minds, soften their hearts, or move them to action? Continue reading

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