3 Ways to Improve Corporate Videos

So you are looking for ways to “improve” your company’s marketing or training videos. If your video skills consist of capturing candle-burning birthday songs and the occasional pet trick on your cell phone, check out the Ask a Video Producer post on the 4-step process for producing video content. In the meantime, here are three Pro-Tips to get you started on improving your corporate video productions.

Light your subjects properly

Avoid shooting video with a window in the background. Instead use the window as the source of light that brightens your subject’s face. If possible, use lights to create a two- or three-point lighting setup to help give your subject depth and texture while separating them from the background. If you want to up your lighting game, check out How to Get the Perfect Lighting for Video from my friends over at TechSmith.

Use professional audio techniques

Use a professional quality microphone. The best case scenario is to use an XLR-cabled-microphone that plugs directly into the camera. If that last sentence sounded like a foreign language, then it’s time to dive into Audio 101. Here are some curated links:

Get B-roll

B-roll is the imagery, either video or still photos, that help tell your story when your subject is not on camera talking. After the interview, look around the space for people or objects that the interviewee referred to during his or her answers. Record various angles and be sure to get a lot of close-ups. A tell-tale sign of an amateur video is too many wide-angle shots. No time for B-roll? Use stock B-roll to support your story.

Making a video is a process…a process that contains four processes. Be patient, you can do it. If you plan carefully, you can reach your target audiences in ways that a blog post, white paper, or case study simply cannot. By adhering to professional conventions around lighting, audio gathering, and storytelling B-roll, you can generate a video that will capture your audience’s attention and help you to convert more marketing leads into sales.

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