ProTips for B2B Voice Actors

Pro-Tips for B2B Voice Actors

If you are a voice actor looking for B2B jobs, this post offers you an insider’s perspective on creating a professional B2B demo that will reach the client. If you are a marketing or training professional, consider these Pro-Tips as background information to aid you in the process of choosing the “right” voice for your upcoming video or training course.

Note to marketing and training professionals:

In a previous post, we strongly recommended that you use a professional voice actor for your project.  A seasoned pro brings years of practice and mastery that leads to a smooth, articulate recording that will elevate the perception of your brand. Shortly after publishing the Pro Narrator post, a reader suggested, “You should offer some tips that help voice actors.”

Good idea!

Here are four tips that will help you, the voice actor, get your demo to the client.

Pro-Tips for Voice Actors creating B2B Demos


When you get an opportunity to create a demo for a potential voice over job, look up the company on the Internet. Find out how to pronounce the company name and/or the product name. Learn the audience you’ll be speaking to so that you can focus your demo toward the target market. Discover what the audience values and why your message is important.

Follow Direction (if provided)

Often demos come with instructions from either the talent agency or the company; be sure to adhere to those instructions. For example, you may receive a script segment to read. Only read the script! Avoid saying, “Hi” or “Check out my reel.”

Offer TWO Reads

Read the copy two different ways. Vary your tone and emphasis. Providing a conversational read and a dramatic read will showcase the breadth of your talent. Only read the script in your native accent. Throwing in a British accent because you love Downton Abbey is not a brilliant idea!

Provide Your Name AND Read the Copy

A good demo begins with your name and includes the copy, read without error. Avoid the temptation to say anything else. The person reviewing the demo will be listening to scores of demos. You want to stand out because your voice is the right fit for the project!

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