What is Better Learning?

By Dan Keckan published January 9, 2018

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learningAs I begin my 19th year at Cinecraft, I’m taking time to reflect on our team’s accomplishments in 2017. We’ve collaborated with amazing new clients and added talented learning professionals to our team. We received a Best of Show at Learning Solutions alongside our customer Booz Allen Hamilton, and we made the Training Industry’s Top 20 Watch List. For the first time, Cinecraft made the Top 10 eLearning companies by eLearning Industry and received an International eLearning Association award for Henkel’s virtual window installation simulation. Finally, I am proud of the impact our team has made on every learner that has touched our custom built courses.

A few years ago, before some of our most recent success, I looked at the courses we built and said, “We can do better.” Our customers hire us to do better. Their learners are begging us to do better. So what does “better” mean? I began to list all of the adjectives that reflect “better learning.”

  • Authentic
  • Timely
  • Efficient
  • Relevant
  • Engaging
  • Fun
  • Accessible

Alone these adjectives can take on any meaning that comes to your mind. However, here is how I define these 7 Learning Guides that help illuminate the path to better learning.

  1. Authentic – We strive to bring learners as close to the behaviors or skills to be learned as possible.
  2. Timely – Provide learners with content as close to when they need it as possible.
  3. Efficient – Learning should take as little of the learner’s time as possible.
  4. Relevant – The only content that should be given to learners is content that helps them to do their jobs better, nothing more and nothing less.
  5. Engaging – Learners are actively engaged in content rather than passively listening, watching or reading.
  6. Fun – All learners will want to engage with our courses, and complete our courses. And, the learner will want to engage with our courses again and again.
  7. Accessible – All learners in the target audience will be able to access training from anywhere, on any device, without obstacles.

I know these concepts are not new, but I feel they need to be reinforced and talked about together as opposed to separately. Each course we (the entire learning community) design needs to reflect every single one of these 7 Learning Guides, every time. Please share your “better learning” adjectives with me so you can help shape our 2018 story.