By Chris Karel published August 1, 2017

Making a Business Video: 5 Questions – 5 Answers – 5 Pro-Tips

Over the past 20 weeks, I’ve focused on answering questions related to corporate or business video. In each post, I try to provide professional advice for marketing managers, training professionals, and business owners. My goal each week is to be your go-to knowledge source for corporate and business video production. Every ten weeks, I create an index of the previous posts. If you are a CRAFT subscriber, consider this an index to weeks 11 through 20.  

Here are answers to FIVE questions people ask when they are in the market for professional video services.

  1. What do you mean a JPEG of my logo won’t work?
  2. Help! I have to make a video. What should I do first?
  3. I just made an amazing corporate video! What should I do now?
  4. Can I make a video that reaches three target audiences?
  5. What’s a shot list?

Here are FIVE ProTips (insider nuggets of tasty information) that will help you make excellent business or corporate video.

Here are 5 ProTip posts that offer advice from video professionals.

  1. Pre-production: Annotated checklist for successful video pre-production
  2. Production: A checklist to help you on the day of your video shoot
  3. Post-Production: A quick reference guide to help you on the day of a video shoot
  4. Managing a Video Production Team
  5. B2B Voice Actor Demos


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