Picture: Can I make ONE video for THREE target audiences?

By Chris Karel published July 4, 2017

Can I make a video that reaches three target audiences?

If you are in a marketing or training role, have you ever had a conversation like this?

Manager: “We need a video that will appeal to everyone (employees, customers, and shareholders).”

You: “OK. Have you considered making three videos that target each of those audiences?”

Manager: “Yes, but we only have the budget for one video.”

Your manager wants a solution that will maximize video investment dollars and you want communicate a clear message. What can you do?

Pro-Tip: Make three videos during one production process.

Follow this 3-step process to turn one business video into three.

Step 1: Write a Creative Brief

Before you make a video you need to write a creative brief. The creative brief is a document that summarizes the project’s business need and explains how the video will address that need. While writing the brief, you should address eleven questions such as:

Who is our target audience?
What is the key message?
What solution are we presenting?
Why should the target audience care? (see the additional questions)

While drafting your creative brief, list each audience, identify the key message for each audience, and explain why the key message should matter to each audience.

Chart: Audience, Key Message, Solution/Why it Matters. Employees, These are our products and services and your role in their creation/execution, Buy-in: vision, mission, and values; Customers, These are our products and services and how they help you, Demonstrate F&Bs, ROI; Shareholders, These are our products and services and how they are growing in the market, Demonstrate position in the industry, plan for future

Step 2: Name your video types

Often you can shoot interviews of employees, executives, and customers on the same day. By planning ahead, you can shape the script direction up front to make sure you end up with the video content you’ll need to make multiple video types.  

Video types that utilize interview footage:

Testimonial, Who We Are, Corporate Capabilities, Executive Charge, Orientation, Product Offering, Product Knowledge, Marketing, Product Rollout

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Step 3: Present your plan to your video producer

Discuss the savings you’ll get from incorporating multiple video products into one process. There may be a slight increase in production and post-production time because you are recording more and editing multiple videos. However, it should be more cost effective to bundle the work into one production process than to make three videos at three separate times. And maybe most importantly, you’ve honored your audiences by tailoring content directly to them.


Try out this Pro-Tip! Let me know what you think.

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