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How to make a video series: Part 3 of 3 – Phases of Production

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In a minute, we share a best practice for getting started with your first professional video production for training or marketing purposes. This is part 3 of 3 that offers a quick explanation of the three phases of production. For more information related to this brief video please consider checking out two related blog posts:

Help! I have to make a video. What should I do first?

How much will a business video cost? (Cleveland Video Pro Guide)

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Title Image: Should I record video In-Studio or On-Location?

Should I record training videos in-studio or on-location?

Choosing to record video in-studio or on-location can be a critical decision to make during pre-production. To begin, answer this question:

What kind of training video are you trying to produce?

Depending on the type of training video you are producing, you will need to make a decision as to whether you will need to produce in-studio or on-location. For instance, if your video is related to skill development like installing a window you may want to record in-studio so that you don’t risk aggravating a homeowner during their window replacement project. Conversely, if you’re shooting first person point-of-view simulations in a retail environment then recording on-location in a store will work best for authenticity.

It takes time in  pre-production to make a decision that is best for your learning objectives, budget, and timeline. So let’s consider four factors that will give you awesome sauce on the screen.
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3 Ways to Improve Corporate Videos

So you are looking for ways to “improve” your company’s marketing or training videos. If your video skills consist of capturing candle-burning birthday songs and the occasional pet trick on your cell phone, check out the Ask a Video Producer post on the 4-step process for producing video content. In the meantime, here are three Pro-Tips to get you started on improving your corporate video productions. Continue reading

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