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The WAY to Improve your corporate video! Develop a Creative Brief.

The creative brief is a document with answers. If you create one before starting any type of production process, and use it to inform your actions, then you will produce better video.

What is it?

A creative brief for corporate video production is a document that clearly outlines the collective thoughts of your internal team on how best to create content. Terry Lee Stone says, “In the best cases, a creative brief is a document created through initial meetings, interviews, readings and discussions … before any work begins.”

When do you create one?

The short answer: before you start the pre-production process.

Why do it?

Before you create anything, the creative brief literally gets everyone on the same page. Marcus Varner from Workfront argues that, “a well-written brief will ultimately shorten the time it takes to complete a project…[and] the end product will be of much greater quality.” Basically, the brief will save you time and money while acting as your guide throughout the entire video production process.

How can I make one now?

Start by answering the questions in my Creative Brief Tool. Be sure to solicit input from your internal team. Most importantly, get everyone in the same room to discuss their answers, and generate a consensus on the direction of the project.


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