How do you scout locations for a training video shoot?

Scout locations for your next training video shoot with these eight Pro-Tips. Searching for the right place to record video is vital to a successful production. Even though Scout Locations is #11 on our pre-production checklist, it’s just as valuable as the other items and should not be overlooked in the interest of time or budget.

location scouting

EIGHT Pro-Tips for location scouting

Time of day

Scout when you will record to get a sense of what is typically going on during your recording hours.

Plan on an hour at each location

Schedule an hour from the time you arrive until the time you leave.

Get directions

Note the address, where to park, where to unload gear, and how you will gain access to the building (if applicable).

Take photos

Capture images to help you visualize camera angles, backgrounds, and lighting configurations as you discuss with your camera crew.

Locate access and distance to electricity

Find power outlets you may need for certain types of gear (lights, monitors, etc.)

Listen for audio levels

Pay attention to auto traffic, people talking, and the HVAC system, as they can cause issues during video recording.

List people involved on-site

Note who to contact, who you will interrupt, and who will be in the video.

Identify permissions

Determine who needs to sign-off for you to gain access to rooms and equipment.

Pro Tip:

If you are shooting a complex piece of equipment or a process, make sure you get an explanation of how it works from the expert on site and double check that your script is correct.

Final Thought

Make the most of your budget by sharing the information you gathered during the location scout with your video production team.

Now you are ready to scout locations and set yourself up for a great corporate video shoot. Good luck!

If you’d like more information on lighting or sound considerations when scouting your next location, please go to our website and contact us directly.

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