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By Chris Karel published January 16, 2018

How do I make sure the CEO looks good on camera?

The “Ask a Producer” series features a conversation with an expert video producer to get answers to your questions regarding video production for businesses. The question, “How can we make sure the CEO looks good?” often comes along with concerns over limited time, preparation, and appearance on camera. Continue reading

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TitleImage: Boost Your video marketing plan with this funnel

By Chris Karel published December 12, 2017

Boost your video marketing plan with this funnel

Video marketing stats are everywhere. And making video has never been easier, but deciding who should make the video is becoming muddier by the minute. In this post, I offer recommendations for the types of video that can be made by anyone v. videos that should be made by professionals. Continue reading

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Title Image: Should I record video In-Studio or On-Location?

By Chris Karel published November 14, 2017

Should I record video in-studio or on-location?

Choosing to record video in-studio or on-location can be a critical decision to make during pre-production. To begin, answer this question:

What kind of video story are you trying to tell?

Depending on the type of video story you are creating, your choice between studio or location, or a combination of the two, will emerge like caramelized onions in a savory rue. It takes time in the pre-production saute pan to make a decision that is best for your message, budget, and timeline. So let’s consider four factors that will give you awesome sauce on the screen.
Continue reading

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