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What is the 3-word essence of your story?

By Neil McCormick published October 17, 2017

What is the 3-word essence of your story?   

What is the 3-word essence of your story? Everyone is familiar with the 30-second elevator speech. You’ve likely developed one for your personal, “Who am I and why am I here?” story. And you probably know your company’s 30-second, “Who are we and what do we do?” story by heart. But, can you market yourself with just three words? Let’s look at how to refine a story by using a 3-word Brand Mantra. Continue reading

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By Neil McCormick published May 2, 2017


Storytelling is NOT rocket science, but telling a story with a purpose IS a form of brain surgery.  You need to get inside the target audience’s brain, leave a lasting impression, and change behaviors.  Story can do that.

Now how do you get inside your audience’s heads and change their minds, soften their hearts, or move them to action? Continue reading

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