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Title image: Jeff Leo Hermann on where B2B marketers should be focusing in 2018: video, video, video, video, video!

By Chris Karel published December 19, 2017

Jeff Leo Herrmann on where B2B marketers should be focusing in 2018: video, video, video, video, video!

Jeff Herrmann is a B2B showrunner and president of Madison, Michigan, and Market. Content Marketing writer, speaker, and mobile marketing pioneer, Jeff loves helping CMOs align their content marketing strategies to a winning sales process. Jeff has an intense belief that organizations are better off engaging their audiences with educational and entertaining content rather than blasting them with traditional interruption-based advertising and sales campaigns. I had the privilege to talk with him about his thoughts on video as a strategy. Continue reading

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TitleImage: Boost Your video marketing plan with this funnel

By Chris Karel published December 12, 2017

Boost your video marketing plan with this funnel

Video marketing stats are everywhere. And making video has never been easier, but deciding who should make the video is becoming muddier by the minute. In this post, I offer recommendations for the types of video that can be made by anyone v. videos that should be made by professionals. Continue reading

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Title Image: 5 most wanted b2b video types

By Chris Karel published December 5, 2017

What do B2B video shoppers want this holiday season?

As 2017 starts to wind down, and I watch the stream of egg nog lighten the color of my home brewed coffee, I think about holiday shopping for my loved ones. A few Amazon Prime searches later and the question hits me like a nor’easter off the North Coast in January. What kind of B2B video are you asking for this holiday season? In my recent talks with corporate video production “shoppers,” here’s what I’ve found people are asking for this holiday season. Continue reading

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By Chris Karel published April 11, 2017

What type of video do I need? 12 Business Video Types

If you are a marketing manager, training professional, or business owner and you need to make a video, and you want to explore video types, then this blog is for you.

Are you planning to make a video for your business? Simply stated, you need a video that satisfies your business need. Refer to the 12 business video types below to aid you during your planning process.  Continue reading

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