infographic and template to aid in creating a call sheet

Why Do I Need a Call Sheet When Producing a Training Video?

In corporate video production, the call sheet is an agenda for the day. It includes report times, location addresses, plans for meals, and relevant contact information for everyone involved that day, and it can include shot and prop lists.

The call sheet will help you plan out an entire day of video recording. To make use of this tool, download and customize our simplified call sheet template and use this five-step infographic to guide you as you create your first call sheet.

Infographic: 5-steps-to-plan-a-production-with-a-call-sheet

  1. Location
    Identify each location where you plan to record video. Note any parking details. If there is a location contact that is different from your client/vendor, be sure to get their email and phone information.
  2. Date
    Lock in the date you plan to record and note the day of the week. Send a calendar invite out to your team.
  3. Contacts
    Fill in the contact information (phone and email) for yourself and your client/vendor.
  4. Schedule
    Plan the day in hour-by-hour detail.
  5. Snapshot
    Create a thumbnail list of the day from Crew Call to Wrap.

Share with Everyone

The call sheet is a valuable tool for you, your video crew, and your contacts at each location. Email a copy to everyone, so everyone is on the same page.

Download the call sheet template, follow the five-step infographic, and let us know how it goes. 

If you have any questions about the call sheet, please go to our website to contact us directly.

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