By Dan Keckan published August 28, 2012

Are you a training department of one?  Have you created training that fell short of the client’s expectations?  Are you often going outside the scope or over budget? Here are 5 questions to ask a prospective client in one of your company’s line of business when they come to you with the desire for a custom eLearning course.  Hopefully these time-savers will keep you on track to success!

1.  What problem are you trying to solve?

Your client’s line of business has key performance indicators KPI’s that it should be trying to reach.  Decreased turnover, increased revenue and increased profit are some of the most obvious.  eLearning MUST align with solving a business problem, or else you are wasting money.

2.  What does success look like when you’re done?

Your line of business should have a “perfect world” scenario in their heads.  If you understand what they are envisioning, then creating an evaluation strategy will be much easier.

3.  Who is the learner?

Doesn’t everyone learn the same?  Doesn’t everyone need to know the same things?  Doesn’t everyone come from the same place?  NO. NO. and NO.  You need to design eLearning to satisfy the objectives, but you also need to satisfy the learner.

4.  What do you want the learner to do or how do you want them to behave?

This certainly is a great question to determine whether it is a problem that training can fix.  It very well could be a management, incentive or communication issue that eLearning can NOT fix.

5.  How much time and money do you have?

eLearning can take between 200-300 hours for (1) hour of seat time.  That doesn’t include SME’s time.  So if you want it next week, or you only have $1,000, eLearning is not for you.  Maybe there is an off-the-shelf course you could share with them.

In the end you may scare away the line of business.  But, you will have done them and yourself a service. Cinecraft designs and develops engaging custom eLearning solutions for Fortune 1000 clients throughout the United States.  Cinecraft has been corporate storytellers for over 70 years.

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