201: When is it the Right Time to Marry eLearning and Video?

By Dan Keckan published August 28, 2012

When is it the right time to marry eLearning and video? We get this question all the time from clients. As technology has advanced and internet bandwidth has increased, training professionals are eager to enhance their offerings with more engaging, multimedia rich content.

So when is the right time to use video in your eLearning projects?  Simply put, when you want your audience to learn a particular behavior, otherwise known as behavioral modeling.  And, when you use it in an eLearning course it can be quite effective.

For example, we recently completed an Assessment and Selection course for an organization that needed to educate their managers on proper interviewing techniques. Instead of complicated flow charts, or screens of bulleted text and stock images, we brought the proper behaviors to life in a series of video scenarios.

The video scenarios were developed with two actors (one being the manager and the other being the prospective employee).  First, the manager demonstrated the proper behaviors during the interview.  Then the learners were asked to ‘check’ all of the proper behaviors the manager exhibited in the scenario.

When the budget allows you can take your video scenarios to a whole new level and include branching and pathing within the course.  Even randomizing the video scenarios throughout the learning can provide the learner with the unexpected outcomes that are a great way to simulate reality.

So the next time you wonder about adding video to your eLearning, ask yourself a simple question: “Will this video convey a behavior I want my audience to learn?” If yes, then don’t hesitate to push the boundaries of your eLearning. There are starving actors everywhere ready to teach your targeted audience!

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