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By Chris Karel published December 5, 2017

What do B2B video shoppers want this holiday season?

As 2017 starts to wind down, and I watch the stream of egg nog lighten the color of my home brewed coffee, I think about holiday shopping for my loved ones. A few Amazon Prime searches later and the question hits me like a nor’easter off the North Coast in January. What kind of B2B video are you asking for this holiday season? In my recent talks with corporate video production “shoppers,” here’s what I’ve found people are asking for this holiday season.

Short Social Promos

Demand for short, 10-30 second B2B videos has been strong from marketers. People want to post video to Facebook and Twitter to reach their target markets. If you plan out multiple short video products during pre-production, you can easily create a large number of deliverables and still keep your costs down. As in all things, you get what you pay for. Be careful to avoid the idea that a short video doesn’t have to have high production value. If you can quickly identify that you’ve paid close attention to the five things that separate amateur from professional video, then rest easy and have another Candy Cane Joe-Joe (they are delicious btw).


By far the highest B2B video demand through 2017 was in the testimonial category. Like the short social videos, I recommend bundling. Plan to record 6 to 12 people in one day of shooting. You’ll save money and end up with a large volume of videos to clip out and use on social channels. Still wondering about cost? Well I’ll make it simple. It will cost somewhere between $5K – 25K depending on the number of days of shooting and the number of people you put on camera. As the number of shooting days and people on camera goes up, so does the price. Easy peasy, palacinky. (Palacinky is a Slovak crepe I traditionally serve on Christmas Eve – also delicious).


For marketing and training alike, there is always a steady demand for B2B video explainers. An explainer quickly tells your audience about a topic in a way that is more likely to be consumed than if you tried a text-only communication like a blog post, newsletter, or email. Animated explainers have been popular for many years, and this year I’ve seen a spike in demand mostly because they are evergreen. The current thinking suggests that using animation will prolong the shelf life of its content and make it easier to modify if the message changes.

Live Streaming

As my previous two posts on this topic suggest, live streaming B2B video is reaching unprecedented demand levels. I see friends, family, and businesses trying their hand at the “live” thing. Personally, I have fun with it and show people how to use their phones to open a live portal to another place. In my work, I urge process. The magic portal of live streaming is powerful for business communications, but just because you can go live easily doesn’t mean you should. You know the saying, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” If you are creating video content for your company, I suggest you follow a production process (links at the end of this post) that will lead you and your colleagues to effectively harness the live portal.


The How-to B2B video may be the single greatest form of business video on the planet. Do you agree or disagree? I’m always up for a discussion about the merits of the How-to. What else can model behavior, demonstrate skills, show features in action, explain benefits with visuals, and my personal favorite, interact with the video to apply knowledge? I’m seeing demand for POV (Point-of-View) video, which looks like a first-person video game. Using video to put the viewer or learner in the driver’s seat of a set of behaviors is dynamic educational training and entertaining at the same time. I use how-to videos all the time. I’ve handled plumbing and electrical repairs at home, and I’ve learned about web applications and creative camera techniques. Here’s a fun take on How-to videos that takes a cheeky look at cooking How-to videos: How-to Make a Pumpkin Pie. (Caution: this will change the way you think about pumpkin pie forever).


So now you know what types of video people want the most, or at least you know what palacinky is and how to gather wild pumpkins. Thanks for reading; please comment below. If you liked what you read, please subscribe! You’ll receive helpful corporate video resources delivered to your inbox each week.

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