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By Chris Karel published December 12, 2017

Boost your video marketing plan with this funnel

Video marketing stats are everywhere. And making video has never been easier, but deciding who should make the video is becoming muddier by the minute. In this post, I offer recommendations for the types of video that can be made by anyone v. videos that should be made by professionals.

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I meet with a monthly marketing group facilitated by Jeff Staats of SpinVista. He draws a marketing funnel on the board and labels it to correlate to the meeting’s topic. The labels are ToFu, MoFu, and BoFu, simple ways to remember Top of Funnel (Awareness), Middle of Funnel (Consideration), and Bottom of Funnel (Decision). This marketing device is an ideal reference tool that you can use to decide if your video project can be a DIY job that’s made internally, or if you need to hire professionals.  

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At the ToFu level your video should be about capturing people’s attention, hooking them with visuals, and engaging them with great storytelling. As Kelley Hynds, Hyndsight Media,  suggested at one of the meetings, this is the ideal place for a professional video. I agree. The first impression you make on your audience is critical. Control your message and avoid making amateur video that reflects poorly on your brand or detracts from your message. Kelley also suggested to make sure you don’t distract your audience from your message. Top distractions are improper lighting and bad audio quality. If it doesn’t look and sound good, then you’ve lost your audience.

ToFu Pro-Tip: Hire a professional to make Explainer, Capabilities/Corporate/Marketing, Recruitment, Fundraising, Social promo, Promotional, and Live event videos.

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At the MoFu level your audience knows about you and what you have to offer, and now they are looking for detailed information about your product or service. Yes, you can create video that feels gritty, authentic, and homemade using a cellphone. And you can promote your brand, product, and message if you adhere to professional practices for scripting, audio capture, and lighting. As a professional, I urge you to avoid spontaneous off the cuff video that goes live to the world. It is possible to create internally produced video, but a professional video will be on message and free from audio or lighting distractions.

MoFu Pro-Tip: Use professional strategies to create internal videos such as Vlogs or Internal communications, and Social promo videos.

MoFu Pro-Tip: Hire a professional to make Social promos, Explainers, How-to, Vlog, Executive Charge, Interactive, and Internal Communications videos.

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Finally, at the BoFu level your audience is ready to make a decision. Video content at this stage should be about making your audience’s decision easier by eliminating buyer’s regret. Professionally made testimonials or well-produced personalized videos can seal the deal. There is no room at this stage of the funnel for distractions (bad picture and audio) that come from amateur video. Neither the testimonial nor the personalized video are expensive products. Take the time to plan them out and execute them with professional assistance.

BoFu Pro-Tip: Hire a professional to make Testimonials and Live Events

Now it’s up to you. Decide what kind of video you want to try to make internally and which type of video you want to hire a professional crew for. If you have the resources and a good sense of the professional techniques needed to create distraction-free video, then press Record and fill that funnel. Always remember that the story and its impact on the audience are the most important part of a video.

Do you make video for your business or do you hire a professional? I love feedback; it helps me grow. Email me: chris@cinecraft.com. If you liked what you read, please subscribe and you’ll receive helpful topics delivered to your inbox each week.

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