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Cinecraft’s Safe Video Shooting Protocol

By Dan Keckan published May 23, 2020

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Our safety procedures for all video shoots to keep crew, clients and talent safe from exposure to COVID-19.

“The show must go on,” as they say. We care deeply for the safety and security of all staff, clients and vendors that we do business with, as well as the community at-large. Therefore, at this time, Cinecraft will not fully open it’s doors for work inside of our building until there is a vaccine and/or therapy solution to COVID-19. However, all creative custom learning design and development is being done remotely except for video shooting. We will begin video shooting, effective immediately, as long as all participants agree to the following protocol. This protocol is reflective of the Center for Disease Control guidelines as of May 23, 2020. If any video shoot participant does not agree to these safety procedures, unfortunately, the show can’t go on.

All Crew, Clients and Talent need to…

  1. Be asked health assessment questions to screen for fever, symptoms, and exposure to COVID-19.
  2. Wash hands upon arrival, before and after eating, before putting on mask and after taking mask off and upon leaving the video shoot.
  3. Use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available.
  4. Wear a mask or cloth face covering. Please refer to CDC.gov proper mask wearing and cleaning procedures.
  5. Practice social distancing at all times throughout the day, (6 feet apart) while filming, at breaks, and during lunch.
  6. Eat boxed or prepackaged individual food items for lunch. We will not order pizza or buffet-style lunches. If applicable, participants may be asked to bring their own beverage.

Specifically Crew members will…

  1. Sanitize all gear before and after the video shoot.
  2. Prevent clients from touching any gear.
  3. Limit the number of crew members by performing multiple tasks.
  4. Provide clients with the option to use Skype to oversee the video shoot.
  5. Load and unload his/her own gear, i.e., Videographer = Camera, Grip = Audio Equipment, Producer = Monitors.
  6. Limit the amount of gear by only bringing the essential items.
  7. Wipe down all gear with a sanitizing wipe when loading into the van, and wipe down again as unloaded back to Cinecraft.
  8. Only use boom micropohones. All adjustments to the boom mic must be done at the C stand. No lavaliere microphones are permitted to be used.

Transportation Considerations

  1. One crew member will drive the van to and from the video shoot.
  2. All other crew members must provide their own transportation.
  3. Only one crew member is permitted in the van at a time.
  4. No clients or talent are permitted to drive in the van.

On-camera Talent must…

  1. Wear cloth face coverings until he/she is ready to record.
  2. Supply his/her own makeup. No makeup will be provided on the shoot.

Thank you for keeping the show going! Our commitment to designing and developing learning that brings the learner as close to the skill or behavior to be learned has not changed. We all just need to adjust our processes slightly to keep everyone safe and secure.

Be Well,

Dan Keckan, CEO

Matt Walsh, COO

Jennifer Yaros, Learning Consultant, Joins the Cinécraft Team

By Dan Keckan published January 20, 2020


Cleveland, Ohio – January 20, 2020 –   Jennifer Yaros joins the Cinécraft team of talented professionals as a Learning Consultant. Jennifer has a passion for helping clients create effective learning strategies that transform behavior and engage learners.

Jennifer started her career as a technical writer and instructional designer. She advanced into several leadership roles where she delivered training programs, professional development workshops, and process improvement plans for mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies. She also frequently speaks at local and national industry events.

After two decades in the consulting industry, Jennifer has developed a strong sense of customer value, and she always looks for ways to help clients achieve their business goals.

Before entering the workforce, Jennifer earned her Bachelor of Arts at Akron University, where she studied English and Theatre. When she’s not working she enjoys spending time in the woods running trails, hiking, and backpacking. Someday she hopes to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail.

Cinécraft is a nationally-recognized custom content learning solutions company featuring business storytellers for more than 80 years.

Cinecraft Adds Project Manager, Marcella Eiben

By Dan Keckan published February 15, 2019


Cleveland, Ohio – February 13, 2019 –  Cinecraft has added  Marcella Eiben to the growing company’s team of talented learning professionals as a project manager. Marcella will provide superior customer relationship skills to existing clients as we develop custom learning solutions to meet their business needs.

learning project managerMarcella spent the past six years coordinating webinars for a international events and publishing company.  These digital events helped clients demonstrate thought leadership, market their business, and spread awareness on multiple topics.  In 2018 alone, Marcella managed just over 240 webinars for clients across many vertical industries, from pharmaceuticals to electrical engineering.

Marcella also comes from a customer service background, and is dedicated to being the voice of her clients.  Before entering the workforce, Marcella earned her Bachelor of Arts at John Carroll University, where she studied English and Creative Writing.

Cinécraft is a nationally-recognized custom content learning solutions company featuring business storytellers for more than 80 years.


Cinécraft’s Meagan Lawton Named to Elliott Masie’s 30 Under 30 Leaders @Learning2018

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Cleveland, Ohio – July 25, 2018 – We are honored to announce that Cinécraft’s own Meagan Lawton has been named as one of Elliot Masie’s 30 UNDER 30 Learning Leaders for their @Learning2018 event. “From the day I met Meagan, I knew she was a rising star.” said Dan Keckan, CEO of Cinécraft. When asked about being named to the list Lawton had this to say, “It’s exciting! I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of interesting people and jumping into some topics about best practices in action.”

“The 30 Under 30 Learning program is one of the most powerful and impactful projects of my career,” said Elliott Masie, Host & Curator, Learning 2018. “Over the past 8 years, we have had more than 200 rising learning leaders in their 20’s take central stage, meet and cross mentor with learning colleagues of many generations, and stretch their careers. Many have gone on to become Learning executives in their companies and/or start cool ventures.”

The goal of the 30 Under 30 @ Learning 2018 Program is to provide support, visibility, voice, and development for the next generation of Learning Leaders. It is aimed at developing and spotlighting the next generation of Learning Leadership in the Learning and Training field.

Learn more about 30 Under 30 @ Learning 2018

 Cinécraft is a nationally-recognized custom content learning solutions company featuring business storytellers for more than 75 years.

Cinécraft Named to 2018 Training Industry Content Development Companies Watch List for a 4th Year in a Row!

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Cleveland, Ohio – May 29, 2018 – We are honored to announce that Cinécraft has been named to the Training Industry Content Development Companies Watch List for the fourth year in a row. “We strive to create better learning solutions that bring the learner as close to the behavior or skill as possible. We do this to improve the performance of our customers’ learners while maximizing their business results. Being recognized by Training Industry shows that our core values are helping to create better learning for our customers,” explained Dan Keckan, CEO of Cinécraft.

“The organizations selected for this year’s Content Development Watch List are emerging providers who demonstrate capabilities to provide quality custom programs for companies in a wide array of industries,” said Danielle Draewell, market research analyst at Training Industry, Inc. “These companies should be considered for any opportunity that demands innovation to provide engaging courses.”

The list recognizes the top companies from around the globe that provide content development services.

Content Development Companies Selection Criteria:

  • Industry visibility, innovation and impact
  • Capability to develop and deliver multiple types of content
  • Company size and growth potential
  • Depth and breadth of subject matter expertise
  • Quality of clients
  • Geographic reach

The 2018 Content Development Companies Watch List is designed to help buyers of training services evaluate custom content providers.

 Cinécraft is a nationally-recognized custom content learning solutions company featuring business storytellers for more than 75 years.