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Four Steps to Make Video Testimonials

Here are four steps to make video testimonials that increase engagement and boost sales. Looking for more reasons to use video testimonials? Check out the other 19 statistics that support the use of testimonials in marketing today. As a marketing manager, training professional, or business owner, these four steps will help you create great corporate video content to grow your business.

Prep your questions

Draft a list of questions that will reveal how your customers feel about your business. The topic of the questions should focus on the message of your marketing strategy. For example, let’s say your differentiator is providing a service that saves customers 10% per quarter compared to traditional methods used by your competitor. To uncover that message, you might ask your testimonial interviewee questions like: Why did you choose our service? What set our company apart from traditional methods? Why did you choose to work with us?


Identify your interviewees

Have an internal discussion that reveals the key customers who will attest to the merits of your business. Contact them and explain what you are trying to accomplish, then share the interview questions you have prepared. Discuss how you plan to conduct the interview. Explain that there will be cameras and lighting. If they ask what they should wear, suggest some options based on what looks best on camera. Most importantly, invite them to your filming location on one of two convenient after-work dates and times that you will host.

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Invite your customers to an event

Plan two separate times that account for people’s busy schedules, like 5-8 pm or 6-9 pm on two separate work nights. Try to shoot multiple interviews each night – between 5 and 7 people per day. Work with your internal crew or your trusted vendor to have everything set up before anyone arrives. Your guests should be able to walk in, go on camera, answer their questions, grab a bite to eat or a beverage, and head home. Making things convenient for your customers with timing and food will earn you more testimonials.

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Edit for maximum impact

By capturing up to 10-15 people over two half-day recording sessions, you now have rich content that can be turned into 15-, 30-, or 45-second testimonial soundbites. A video editor can cut the videos and polish them in a matter of days. Be sure to guide your editor to yield short segments that focus on your marketing message. After the editing process, you will have a large volume of testimonial video that can be easily shared via social media.

As video continues to rise in importance, it’s critical to find ways to gain return on your investment. By preparing your testimonial subjects and making it easy for them to offer an endorsement, you will create a catalog of outstanding recommendations that can be used to promote your business. 

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