By Chris Karel published January 29, 2018

The “Ask a Producer” series features a conversation with an expert video producer to get answers to your questions regarding video production for businesses. “How long will it take to make?” is a common question during pre-production. There is no easy answer to this question because a video is always a custom product based upon the needs of the business objective.

In addition to the conversation below, consider checking out an earlier post where I answered, “How long will it take to make a one-minute business video?”

Chris Karel: How long will it take to make this?

Neil McCormick: (Laughs) Yes, the answer is yes.

CK: So the answer is, yes. How long will it take to make it? What are some things that people should know if they have to determine how long it will take to make, let’s say, a one-minute video?

NM: A one-minute video doesn’t seem like it should take very long. If you’re shooting for a one-minute finished video and you already have all of the cutaway material or B-roll, then you could spend one day recording and the next day editing everything together. Then, you are ready to send it out through your distribution system.

CK: If you follow a tried and true pre-production process before you show up to record, then it is totally possible to record, edit, and distribute a professional video in the same day.

NM: Right. Other times, you could spend several weeks making all the shots that it takes to tell a story. Typically, as a rule of thumb, for every day of shooting it will take two days in post-production to deal with that material. That’s a very rough measurement, but we’ve found over the years that it is indeed a true statement.


CK: Perfect. It’s a Pro-Tip: For every day of recording video, it will take two days in post-production to edit the material.

CK – Side Note:  If you are looking for detailed information on the timing of the production process, please check out How long will it take to make a one-minute business video?”  In that post I offer a four-week breakdown that provides a quick-read overview of the video production process.

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