PODCAST: Marketing automation, why it matters to your customers.

By Chris Karel published February 19, 2018

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Marketing automation is essential for success these days. In this podcast, I explore marketing automation with digital marketer, Patrick Zangardi. He offers ways to get started, an automation 101 explanation, and some insightful ways to repurpose video content!

Some background on Patrick: He is a tech-obsessed marketing guy who is constantly thinking of big-picture ideas and tactical ways to implement them. He has a passion for helping businesses grow by creating integrated and sustainable digital marketing strategies that leverage technology and drive sales. He is a “digital native,” but seldom seen without a notebook and coffee in hand. He’s equal parts brand and marketing strategist, sales professional, and pizza expert (eating it, not making it). If you put a pizza in front of him, he will eat it – no question!

Topics in this marketing podcast episode:

  • New to marketing automation? Where should companies start?
  • Should every company be using automation?
  • What are two or three things that a company or an individual can do that will lead them to success?
  • Which marketing automation tools should someone start using?
  • Marketing automation primer:
    • Valuable content > Premium content > Audience list > Nurture the lead > Convert
  • What role do you think video will or should play in the future?
  • Do you think each company should have an internal structure to create video, use a vendor, or should there be a blend of the two?

More about Patrick Zangardi
Linkedin @patrickzangardi – Zangardi Marketing

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