By Chris Karel published January 16, 2018

How do I make sure the CEO looks good on camera?

The “Ask a Producer” series features a conversation with an expert video producer to get answers to your questions regarding video production for businesses. The question, “How can we make sure the CEO looks good?” often comes along with concerns over limited time, preparation, and appearance on camera.

Chris Karel: Hello Neil. Thanks for taking the time to answer some customer questions today. One of the questions that we get asked a lot is, “How can we make sure the CEO doesn’t look bad on camera?”

Neil McCormick: Hi Chris. Well, there are two elements to looking good or coming off looking bad on camera: their physical look and how well they perform on camera. There is also the element of time. I recommend doing everything you can do to prepare the recording location before the CEO steps foot into the space. For example, you have to pick a location. Using their office could be a good space as long as you are not interrupting his work during setup of the video equipment. If he’s not using his office during setup, you can use his space to get that particular look that exudes credibility. The important thing is that you don’t want him around while you’re setting up and lighting because that will appear like a waste of his time. You’ll want to get everything set up in advance so that when the CEO comes into the room, you are ready to start recording.

CK: Location is very important, and I like your suggestion to make sure everything is ready to go upon the CEO’s arrival. What about their physical look?

NM: You’ll need to know some things about complexion so that you can adjust the lighting to accommodate their skin tone or apply light makeup. If the CEO is a man, does he have hair or not? You will have to adjust backlighting to be sensitive to complexion and hot spots on a bald head. And you will need to plan to light a little differently if your CEO has glasses so you can avoid glare.

CK: I’d also suggest planning ahead by having someone else stand in for the CEO wearing glasses to simulate the look.

NM: So those are things you need to know in advance to minimize the amount of time you need from him before he talks on camera. Looking good on camera also depends on how prepared the executive is to either answer questions from an interviewer or speak directly to the camera. Be prepared by knowing what your executive is comfortable doing and how they like to work best. Some will want to use teleprompter, and they feel good doing that. Some are terrible at reading a prompter. Appearing that you are reading while delivering a message just blows your credibility, so you’ll want to figure out if they can use the teleprompter and still appear authentic.


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