How to make a video series: Part 1 of 3 – The Creative Brief

By Chris Karel published February 26, 2018

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In 41 seconds, Creative Director, Chris Karel, shares a best practice for getting started with your first professional video production for training or marketing purposes. For more information related to this brief video please consider checking out two related blog posts:

Help! I have to make a video. What should I do first?

The WAY to Improve your Corporate Video – Develop a Creative Brief

The creative brief is a document that summarizes the project’s business need and explains how the video will address that need. The brief should contain the answers to these questions:

What is the business problem we are trying to solve?
Who is our target audience?
What solution are we presenting?
Why should the target audience care?
What is the key message?
What is the call to action?
How will we know that people have answered the call to action?
What type of video will we use to convey our message?
Where and how will we distribute the video?
What is our preliminary budget?
What tasks need to be completed? Who will do it? When should it be done?

If your creative brief answers these questions, you will be ready to identify the roles that people will play in the production process.