Mike Wilkinson Take His Talent To Cinécraft Productions


Press Release (PDF)
Cleveland, Ohio – June 9, 2017 – Award-winning visual effects artist and editor, Mike Wilkinson, has joined the team at Cinécraft Productions.  Mike is an Akron native returning home after 10 years in L.A. where he worked on broadcast TV content, feature films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials.  His notable credits as a Motion Graphics Designer include several spots for Spike TV, X-Games and UFC, as well as four feature films.  He has produced and edited two feature length sports documentaries and a short film for Sports Illustrated.

As a youngster, Mike got his start making Star Wars fan films with his high school friends – creating the visual effects back when most software was still “version 1.0”  From there he never looked back, becoming adept at 3D modeling, compositing, and all around digital nunchuckery.  He loves working in Cinema 4D and After Effects, where he is currently creating 360VR animations and experiences.

Mike is a new father, a guitarist, has a slight obsession with retro video games, and is a Mixed Martial Arts fan and enthusiast.  He has stayed a Cleveland sports fan through his many zip codes; Cavs, Tribe and (unfortunately) Browns.  Mike is also an aspiring musician and composer, and will play the entirety of the Game of Thrones soundtrack on his keytar – whether you ask him to or not.

Mike Wilkinson

Software fills Mike’s dreams at night; Cinema 4D, Premiere, Resolve, Photoshop, AfterEffects, and Fusion.

Mike says, “At Cinécraft every day is totally different, and the wide variety of projects we produce lets me really embrace my creative ADD.  One day I’m modeling 3D environments and motion tracking live footage, the next I’m on set supervising a green screen shoot while working directly with clients.  It’s very fulfilling to get to express yourself creatively, and Cinécraft lets me do just that.  Ultimately you become the bridge between concept and audience – through dialogue, sound, music, and of course motion graphics and 3D animation.  I love doing all those things and creating a compelling experience for the audience to enjoy.”

Neil McCormick, Cinécraft owner and longtime producer says, “Mike is a joy to work with.  He is extremely creative and yet open to ideas from others.  Mike, in his first few weeks, has already solved a number of visual problems I’ve thrown at him, where a project had some huge visual holes that he creatively turned into highlights of the video.”

To see some of Mike’s work, click the links below.
Mike Wilkinson Reel
Cinécraft Demo Reel

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