Past Conference – Training 2014, San Diego, California


“Ace Hardware Changing Behavior and Getting Back to Helpful”

Presented by: Dan Keckan, VP Sales & Marketing, Cinécraft Productions

Presented by: Jay Heubner, Director of Retail Training, Ace Hardware

Many eLearning curricula provide some combination of reinforcement, good instructional quality, coaching, innovative technology, behavioral objectives, behavioral modeling, video, simulation, games or certification. However, very few have all of these instructional design strategies rolled into the same curriculum. Learn how Ace Hardware created a sales training and brand fulfillment curriculum that is changing behaviors of 60,000 employees and is yielding measurable results. You will see examples of video demonstrations, simulations, interactive games, in-store activities, coaching and the certification process. And, learn how these instructional design strategies work together to change behavior.

Learn to:

Identify a successful behavior changing sales and brand fulfillment curriculum.
Describe the difference between, and see examples of, knowledge transfer vs. behavior changing interactions.
Detail how to use video in their eLearning courses to demonstrate and simulate sales and service behaviors.
Describe how to certify learners and ensure measurable results.
Recite keys to success in the design and development process of a behavior changing eLearning curriculum.

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