What is the best webinar platform?

By Chris Karel published January 9, 2018

In 2018, I will be heading a small team of webinerds as some call them. Joking aside, I’m going to choose a webinar hosting platform, develop a monthly webinar series, and share my journey with the world wide web and the interwebs. Please join me (more webinerd jokes to follow).

The case for webinars

After listening to Marc Bornstien at CM World 2017, I thought differently about the platform. I used to think the webinar was a pseudo-interactive form of communication with bad audio, and less than amazing video. Marc showed me how a well-designed webinar can be more versatile than any form of content I’m currently creating. So begins my journey. Maybe the webinar could be a dynamic force in content marketing. The executive summary of ON24’s webinar benchmark report says it best:

Webinars can be our best tool to engage audiences and communicate information to customers, prospects, or other relevant markets. Much like marketers use webinars to drive leads, generate pipeline, and nurture prospects through every stage of the buying cycle, trainers and educators use them to conduct global and on-demand training sessions. Enterprise companies and high-growth startups alike use them for internal communications, new hire training, town halls, and more. Consumers trust webinars to provide them with new information and best practices, to introduce them to new products, and to help them self-educate before they make a purchase. In short, webinars have become indispensable for helping almost all of us meet our business goals.

Which platform is best for me?

At Cinécraft, we use a variety of business tools to manage conference calls and screen sharing. However, none of our current tools allow us to showcase our professional video skills and our instructional design capabilities at the same time. So I’ve begun a search for a webinar platform. I’m considering, Zoom, Crowdcast, BigMarker, Livestorm, an ON24. My evaluation points are cost, video quality, and ease of use. Have you had success with another platform I should consider? Please offer your suggestions and feedback.

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