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Title image of a makeup kit spread out on shiny black velvet. Text reads: What's in your makeup kit?

Why Do I Need a Makeup Kit When Shooting a Training Video?

“Does his forehead look a little shiny?” Jenn says, pointing at the monitor.

Our producer looks at Dave, our value-add grip, who looks back at him and nods. Dave walks over to the gear cart, unzips a small black pouch, and pulls out an oil-absorbing sheet. He deftly maneuvers to the on-camera talent and kindly explains what the client saw on the monitor.

Problem solved! No more shiny skin thanks to a single oil-absorbing sheet, and Dave of course!

You can use this article to create a makeup kit to ensure your on-camera talent looks great! Continue reading

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TitleImage: What's a Shot List

Why is a Shot List Important When Producing a Training Video?

Number 5 on our pre-production checklist is CREATE A SHOT LIST. After the script is written, we work with the client and the DP (Director of Photography, AKA camera operator) to make a list of all of the different video clips we will need to make a great training video.

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