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How to get started with marketing automation and the reasons why it matters to your customers.

By Chris Karel published February 19, 2018

Chris: So if someone is new to Marketing Automation, where do you think they should start?

Patrick: What I think it comes down to with Marketing Automation is that it’s not something to just dive right into without first thinking it through. And really, most things in marketing and sales are that way. You don’t just dive in and run. It’s important to know what you are trying to do and then set up a plan to execute.   Continue reading

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Video marketing interview

By Chris Karel published February 5, 2018

Kathie Kinde Clark on how to grow your content marketing audience by 30% and TWO easy wins using video in your marketing strategy

In a career spanning 25 years, Kathie has marketed products ranging from insurance to t-shirt transfers. She got her start in traditional direct marketing, and has successfully transitioned to focusing on content marketing. Kathie is currently the Content Marketing Strategist for Stahls’ Transfer Express, a leader in the apparel decorating industry. In her spare time, Kathie does freelance photography and wastes an inordinate amount of money and energy on Cleveland sports teams. You can connect with her on LinkedIn, where she frequently shares actionable advice on content marketing and improving company culture.

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Title image: Jeff Leo Hermann on where B2B marketers should be focusing in 2018: video, video, video, video, video!

By Chris Karel published December 19, 2017

Jeff Leo Herrmann on where B2B marketers should be focusing in 2018: video, video, video, video, video!

Jeff Herrmann is a B2B showrunner and president of Madison, Michigan, and Market. Content Marketing writer, speaker, and mobile marketing pioneer, Jeff loves helping CMOs align their content marketing strategies to a winning sales process. Jeff has an intense belief that organizations are better off engaging their audiences with educational and entertaining content rather than blasting them with traditional interruption-based advertising and sales campaigns. I had the privilege to talk with him about his thoughts on video as a strategy. Continue reading

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By Chris Karel published September 11, 2017

3 Takeaways from Content Marketing World 2017

I went through a fairly long period of not feeling successful, though in hindsight it’s more accurate to say that I didn’t really know what success was.

Joe Pullizzi, Content Inc. from Chapter 1: Beginning with the End in Mind.

When I launched the content marketing initiative at my current workplace, I used Pulizzi’s Content Inc. as my roadmap, I made PNR: This Old Marketing my weekly podcast, and I circled CM World on my editorial calendar as my midyear check-in.

So here I am, the Monday after my first CM World, and I feel energized and enthused!  Continue reading

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