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5 Questions Before Making Your Courses Mobile Friendly

By Dan Keckan published October 9, 2020

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Making courses mobile-friendly can be quite easy if you know the right questions to ask. This article will walk you through a 5-question process to analyze your courses and determine if a mobile solution is right for you.

Before Converting To Mobile, Ask These 5 Questions

Sara is feeling overwhelmed. Her director asked her to convert four existing courses and make them mobile-friendly. Sara thinks it’s a great idea, but she’s not sure all of them can be easily converted. Sara asks her director for a few days to review the following courses to determine the time, costs, and potential issues of converting them. The courses she will need to review are:

  • Forklift Safety: forklift operation safety procedures course
  • Payroll Basics: payroll software simulation course
  • Sales Techniques: product line sales course
  • Management 101: blended learning leadership course

Have you encountered the request to convert your courses to be mobile-friendly yet? Converting courses to work on mobile devices is not as simple as pressing a button. You must consider the value of being mobile-friendly. Are the time, costs, and impact on the learners’ accessibility worth the effort? This article provides 5 questions to help you evaluate if redeveloping your courses for mobile is the right solution.

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