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By Chris Karel published December 25, 2017

Waxing Nostalgic with Scrooge and Old Films

During this holiday season, it’s time to wax nostalgic while also fulfilling my blogging mission. In 2017, I set out to answer customer questions with knowledge about professional video production. I also created a sub-channel on YouTube, Flashback Friday, to showcase our 78-year history because in many ways it is the history of industrial film/video. Continue reading

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image: Four Steps to Make Video Testimonials

By Chris Karel published September 6, 2017

Four Steps to Make Video Testimonials

Here are four steps to make video testimonials that increase engagement and boost sales. Looking for more reasons to use video testimonials? Check out the other 19 statistics that support the use of testimonials in marketing today. As a marketing manager, training professional, or business owner, these four steps will help you create great corporate video content to grow your business. Continue reading

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infographic and template to aid in creating a call sheet

By Chris Karel published August 29, 2017

What’s a Call Sheet?

In corporate video production, the call sheet is an agenda for the day. It includes report times, location addresses, plans for meals, and relevant contact information for everyone involved that day, and it can include shot and prop lists.

Whether you are a marketing manager, training CallSheetTemplateByCinecraft2professional, or business owner, the call sheet will help you plan out an entire day of video production. To make use of this tool, download and customize my simplified call sheet template and use this five-step infographic to guide you as you create your first call sheet.

Continue reading

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