By Chris Karel published December 25, 2017

Waxing Nostalgic with Scrooge and Old Films

During this holiday season, it’s time to wax nostalgic while also fulfilling my blogging mission. In 2017, I set out to answer customer questions with knowledge about professional video production. I also created a sub-channel on YouTube, Flashback Friday, to showcase our 78-year history because in many ways it is the history of industrial film/video.

Every other week, we share a short video clip in our Flashback Friday series. Some are fun, some are serious, and some simply pull at the heartstrings. This past Friday, we rolled out a holiday promotion for Wayne Turney reading Charles Dickens’ Scrooge. The piece features Wayne reading to his son. There is even a mention of Higbees (a long-gone Cleveland department store).

This 15th episode of Flashback Friday we introduced “Talk About Flashback Friday.” If you enjoy the history of industrial film, then this is the show for you. Each, “Talk About…” episode goes behind the scenes to explore the history and anecdotes that accompany the old films and videos.

Check them out and let me know what you think.

The Grass Valley 200 – Star Wars?
Sohio…Today and Tomorrow (Alaska)

Have a happy holiday season! Thanks for reading in 2017. Look for new content in 2018. As always, please send in your comments and questions.


Chris Karel

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