We have been motion picture storytellers for more than 75 years. At Cinécraft, we produce custom content HD video, develop eLearning and mobile learning courses, instructor-led training, virtual instructor-led training, performance support tools and design high-end animation to support the goals of Fortune 1000 companies and medium to large sized businesses.

We specialize in telling stories using motion.  In the blended learning strategies we provide our clients we include scenarios, simulations and game mechanics that aid in learner comprehension and retention.

Since opening our doors in 1939, we’ve worked on thousands of projects in virtually every industry imaginable. In many cases, this has made us not just experts at what we do, but experts at what our clients do. So whether you’re in banking, healthcare, manufacturing, retail or most any other industry, it’s very likely that we have communicated with an audience just like yours.

Does your business have a story to tell? People to reach? Let our experience help you create a message that gets the results you need.


Cinécraft has been innovating longer than anyone else in the industry. In 1939, our original owners started Cinécraft as a corporate training film company. They came from Hollywood where they produced films with Gene Autry. Settling in Cleveland to be closer to family, they discovered a need to tell instructional stories through film. They began by helping organizations like GE Lighting, LTV Steel, The Sherwin-Williams Company, and The Department of Defense motivate, inspire, transfer knowledge and change behavior.

In 1985, new owners took the reins and switched the company’s focus from corporate film production to corporate video production. Video continued to deliver the same message as film, but was much easier to produce and more cost-effective.

When clients desired the ability to track learners using computer-based training, back in 1992, Cinécraft began using Authorware. These early computer-based courses included database functionality to track and report learner engagement. Since then, our solutions– and the processes we use to create them – continue to evolve based on the needs of our customers.

Clients desire to use storytelling in their training programs, and Cinécraft’s unique background enables us to smoothly blend video and animation into their eLearning courses. Furthermore, research tells us that a blended strategy makes for a more effective training program. So we don’t stop at eLearning, we provide mLearning, instructor-led training and performance support tools.

The tools have changed over the years, but what has not changed is the need to communicate, transfer knowledge, and change behavior with the ultimate goal of making organizations more profitable.