Scenario-based Leadership Development

Pharmaceutical Company

Our client needed leaders to become more agile and innovative. We helped them teach their leaders how to THRIVE through change.

Business Purpose

  • Improve organization performance, attract and retain better talent, and deliver better outcomes to customers
  • Inspire leaders to be champions of culture change
  • Educate leaders on their role in the THRIVE initiative
  • Guide leaders to THRIVE resources

Learning Strategy

  • 2D-animated awareness video about the THRIVE initiative
  • Scenario-based eLearning course where learners apply the THRIVE principles in everyday situations
  • 2D-animated conclusion video with a call to action


In a post-course survey:

  • Nine out of ten respondents were either “confident” or “very confident” in explaining THRIVE
  • 87% of respondents said the training was a good use of their time
  • 90% of respondents were able to apply lessons from this training with their teams
  • Brandon Hall Award Winner

“The e-learning was not only very useful with regards to its content on how we can ensure our culture change is sustainable, it was also very well made in terms of its visualization, flow and engaging language used.”