Dealer Sales Scenario-based Learning

Building Materials Company

Our customer needed to generate HVAC leads through customer interactions in big box retailers. But how do you get appointments scheduled when your Appointment Generator isn’t there? That’s where we came in! We built fun, interactive video scenarios to teach Appointment Generators how to connect, educate, and engage with big box retail Associates.

Business Purpose

  • Increase relationships between Dealer Appointment Generators and big box retail associates.
  • Improve product knowledge with big box retail associates related to products and services.

Learning Strategy

  • Video-based 1st person point-of-view simulations.
  • Learners need to get the correct answer to move forward.
  • Feedback comes from the big box retail associates reactions.


  • Dealers have decreased their time to competency for Appointment Generators.
  • Survey results have shown a net promoter score of 82% for the course.
  • Brandon Hall Award Winner
  • Learning Solutions DemoFest Winner